Why Jesus? - 1 - Why Jesus – Testimony with Faith

Added: 02.08.2020

Faith did not grow up in a Christian household. In this episode, she explains how she met Jesus and how she could never see herself living without him.

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This is a great show that will allow your Kiddos to connect with the word of God. Listen to different awesome Bible Tales from OLIVIA.


After meeting Jesus during one of his adventures in the Sea of Galilee, Lukas and his friend Noah the turtle, share the wonderful stories of Jesus and other Heroes of the Bible with Lukas’ friends from the reef: Ana, Paul, Agnes and Peter. Discover how these stories full of music and fun changed the lives of Lukas and his friends, and how they can change yours.


This show airs daily and can be observed as the verse of the day. For more information please visit www.revealtv.net. God Bless You 🙂


Fear NOT

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  1. Steven Boulais

    Testimony with Faith had heart and soul to her conviction. The 5 reasons for her faith help demonstrate why it is so important to give your life to Jesus Christ. Nice video with great sound/picture.

    4.0 rating